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The Industry Leader in Online AS/400 Accounts.

Rikas Communications or Rikascom for short offers online hosted IBMi Accounts. Previously referred to as iSeries, AS400, or System i. We offer standard developer and web developer AS400 accounts with all the tools you need to learn and/or develop code. All accounts include one user profile with 200MB disk space, 10 libraries, FTP and IFS access, DB2, SQL, and all compilers. Our systems run V7R1 TR8 with PTF's loaded supporting fully free form RPG. Web Developer accounts include a dedicated HTTP server instance with a dedicated port for external access. Web developers also get access to enhanced system tools like WRKDBF. Commercial and/or Dedicated custom projects are also available on our IBM Server. We can also provide you with terminal emulation Windows software.  All packages are sold on an annual basis. Let us serve your IBM i needs today.


New users, please be advised that all accounts are setup and provisioned manually. That being said, please allow up to 4 hours during business hours (7am - 10pm central) after registration and payment for your account to be setup. You will receive a welcome email from us which will include your login and account details. In most cases, this will occur well short of the 4 hours depending on our current queue.


Standard Developer Standard Developer

One Year of Standard Developer. Includes AS/400 account with 200MB disk space, 10 libraries, FTP Access, and access to all compilers.               

Standard Developer


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Web Developer Web Developer

One Year of Web Developer. Includes AS/400 account which supports RDi with 200MB disk space, 10 libraries, FTP Access, and access to all compilers. Web Accounts also include a web server instance, a dedicated port, access to admin server administrator, access to WRKDBF.

Web Developer


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Upgrade Standard to Web Developer Upgrade Standard to Web Developer

Allows an existing Standard Developer to upgrade their account from Standard Developer to Web Developer in order to gain all services available to web developers.

Upgrade Standard to Web Developer


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Username Change Username Change

There are a lot of processes involved when we provision new accounts. Username changes require us to manually make changes in several systems and are time consuming. Therefore, we charge a fee. You can purchase a username change from here.

Username Change


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Additional Disk Space Additional Disk Space

Aditional disk space is sold in blocks of 200MB. Disk space is the real commodity with these systems. Blocks are sold in 200MB blocks for $99.95 annually. Purchase as many as you need. All accounts come with an initial 200MB included with account purchase. This is for those who need more.

Additional 200MB Disk Space


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Custom Environments - Billed on annual basis, email us for a quote at support@rikascom.net.

For support with existing accounts such as account billing issues, system problems, password resets, etc please email support@rikascom.net.
Please note, Rikascom is not a school. Support is for issues listed above. We will not assist in "How To" issues such as how to write an RPG program, or why your program is not working. Please utilize Google for that.